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  Over 100 Public Sculptures That Pop Culture Lovers Love in NYC


"Vessell" by Thomas Heatherwick - located in Hudson Yards at 10th Avenue and 33rd street next to the 34th Street-Hudson Yards Subway Station.


A-13 Untitled, 1973, Yu Yu Yang (Steel Circle) - 88 Pine Street at Water Street (Map 1B/Grid 3C)

Adam & Eve, Fernando Botero (2- 12-ft tall sculptures) - Time-Warner Center Lobby, 59th and Broadway (Map 4A/Grid 2C)

Alamo, 1967, Bernard (Tony) Rosenthal - Astor Place (8th and 4th Ave) (Map 2B/Grid 3B)

Alice in Wonderland, 1959, Jose (accent) de Creeft - Central Park/next to Conservancy Pond, 74th Street (Map 4B/Grid 3A)

Alice in Wonderland (Sophie Irene Loeb Fountain), 1936, Frederick Richard Roth - Central Park/Levin Playground at 77th Street (Map 4B/Grid 3A)

Alma Mater, 1900-1903, Daniel Chester French - Columbia University/on steps of Low Library (near 116th and Broadway) (look for an owl in the robe folds) (Map 5A/Grid 2B)

American Merchant Mariners Memorial, 1991, Marisol Escobar - off Battery Park, south of Battery Place (Map 1A/Grid 2D)

Angel of the Waters in Bethesda Fountain, 1868, Emma Stebbins - Central Park/Bethesda Terrace (Map 4B/Grid 2B)

Atlas 1937, Lee Lawrie and Rene Paul Chambellan - 630 5th Ave b/t 50-51st)
. . . . . . . . . .In Greek mythology Atlas has to hold up the sky for eternity. No shrugging! (Map 3B/Grid 3A)


Balloon Flower, 1995-2000, Jeff Koons - West Broadway and Greenwich Street (Map 1A/Grid 2B)

Balloon Rabbit (Red), 2005-2010, Jeff Koons - IBM Building window, 4th Ave b/t 8th-9th St. (Map 2B/Grid 3B)

Balto, 1925, Frederick George Richard Roth - Central Park/East Drive at 66th St. (Map 4B/Grid 3B)

Bartman, 2015, Nancy Cartwright - 1211 6th Ave b/t 47-48th
. . . . . . . . . .Bronze head of Bart Simpson by the actress who does his voice on The Simpsons. (Map 3B/Grid 3A)

Bellerophon Taming Pegasus, 1964-1967, Jacques Lipschitz - Columbia University/Above 117th and Amsterdam Ave.(Map 5A/Grid 2B)

Bust of Sylvette, 1968, Pablo Picasso - Washington Sq South Towers near Bleecker/University Pl. (Map 2A/Grid 2C)

Button and Needle, 1996, Pentagram Architectural Services - 555 7th Ave and 39th St. (Map 3A/Grid 2B)


Celestial Mural (1913) J. Monroe Hewlett and 4 others - Grand Central Terminal ceiling, East 42nd St. and Park Avenue (Map 3B/Grid 3B)

Charging Bull, 1989, Arturo Di Monica - Broadway near Morris St. (Map 1A/Grid 2C)

Chase Manhattan Bank Plaza Sunken Garden, 1961-1964, Isamu Noguchi - 1 Chase Manhattan Plaza (near Pine and William) (Map 1A/Grid 2B)

Colgate Clock (1924) (a replacement; original by Seth Thomas Clock Co.) - Exchange Place, Jersey City, NJ (Map 6A/Grid New Jersey)

The Commuters, 1980, George Segal - Port Authority Bus Terminal, South Wing, 40th St. and 8th Ave. (Map 3A/Grid 2B)

Crack is Wack mural, 1986, Keith Haring - 128th Street and 2nd Avenue (Map 6B/Manhattan)

Cyclone Roller Coaster, 1927, Vernon Keenan - Surf and West 10th St., Coney Island (Map 6B/Brooklyn)


The Delacourt Clock, 1964-1965, Andrea Spadini - Central Park/Central Park Zoo - 5th Av and 64th (Map 4B/Grid 3C)

Double Check, 1982, J. Seward Johnson, Jr. - Zucotti Park (Liberty St and Trinity Pl) (Map 1A/Grid 2B)

Double Dutch (Intervale Ave at Kelly St) and Life on Dawson Street (Dawson St at Longwood Ave), John Ahearn & Rigoberto Torres - South Bronx wall sculptures (Map 6B/Bronx)

Duke Ellington (1997) - Robert Graham- 110th Street and Fifth Avenue (Map 5B/Grid 3A)


East River Roundabout, 1995, Alice Aycock - York Avenue and E 60th St.(Map 4B/Grid 4C)

Egyptian Obelisk ("Cleopatra's Needle") circa 16th Century B.C. - Central Park/behind the Met at 82nd St. (Map 4B/Grid 3A)


Five in One, 1971-1974, Bernard (Tony) Rosenthal - Police Plaza, behind the Municipal Building near Madison Street (The sculpture represents the 5 boroughs of New York City) (Map 1B/Grid 3A)


The Garment Worker, 1984, Judith Weller - 555 7th Ave at 39th St. (Map 3A/Grid 2B)

Gay Liberation, 1992, George Segal - Christopher Park (across from 51-53 Christopher St) (Map 2A/Grid 1B)

Gertrude Stein, 1923, Jo Davidson - in Bryant Park behind the library (Map 3B/Grid 3B)

Good Defeats Evil , 1990, Zurab Tsereteli - (The U.N.) 46th St and 1st Avenue
. . . . . . . . . .St. George on horseback slays winged dragon made of missile parts. Presented by the Soviet Union. (Map 3B/Grid 4A)

The Grand Central Terminal Clock (1913) - Seth Thomas Clock Company - Atop information booth, Main Concourse, Grand Central (Map 3B/Grid 3B)

Grant's Tomb, 1897, John Duncan - Riverside Drive at West 122nd St. (Map 5A/Grid 1A)

Green Benches, 1997, Martha Schwartz Partners - Jacob Javits Plaza (Lafayette and Worth Sts) (Federal Plaza)

Group of Four Threes, 1972, Jean Dubuffet - 1 Chase Manhattan Plaza (near Pine and William) (Map 1A/Grid 2B)


Hans Christian Andersen, 1956, George John Lober - Central Park/next to Conservancy Pond, 74th Street (Map 4B/Grid 3B)

Hare on Bell (1983) Barry Flanagan - small park b/t E51-E52 and 6th-7th Aves) (Map 4A/Grid 2D)

Hero, 2014, Antonio Pio Saracino - (in a small park on 42nd west of 6th Avenue) (Map 3A/Grid 3B)

Higher Ground: The Adam Clayton Powell, Jr. Memorial (2005) - Branly Cadet - 125th Street and Adam Clayton Powell, Jr. Boulevard, Harlem (Map 6B/Manhattan

Hope (Red/Blue), 2009 ,Robert Indiana - corner of West 53rd St and 7th Avenue (Map 4A/Grid 2D)


Imagine Mosaic - 1985 (made in Naples Italy)- Strawberry Fields, Central Park/near West 72nd St. (Map 4B/Grid 2B)

Invisible Man: A Memorial to Ralph Ellison, 2003, Elizabeth Cattlett - Riverside Park at 150th St. (Map 6B/Manhattan)

Irish Hunger Memorial, 2002, Brian Tolle/Gail Wittwer-Laird/1100 Architect (firm) - Vesey Street and North End Avenue (Map 1A/Grid 1B)


Jan Karski, 2002, Karol Badyna - 233 Madison Ave at East 37th St.
. . . . . . . . .In from of the Polish Consulate mansion, Karski, a Polish WW2 hero, seems to invite you play chess with him. (Map 3B/Grid 3B)

Joie de Vivre, 1996, Mark di Suvero - Zucotti Park, Broadway and Cedar St. (Map 1A/Grid 2B)


Knotted Gun, 1985, Carl Fredrik Reuterwa(unlaut on a)rd - (The U.N.) 46th Street and 1st Avenue
. . . . . . . . . .Made in response to the shooting of John Lennon. At the Visitor's Plaza. (Map 3B/Grid 4A)


Lapstrake, 1987, Jesus (accent) Bautista Moroles - plaza next to 31 West 52nd St. b/t 5th-6th (Map 4B/Grid 3D)

Le Guichet (The Ticket Window), 1963, Alexander Calder - Lincoln Center/Near the Reflecting Pool (Map 4A/Grid 1C)

Life Underground, 2004, Tom Otterness - 14th Street and 8th Ave (in subway) (Map 2A/Grid 1A)

Lincoln Center Reclining Figure, 1965, Henry Moore - Lincoln Center/in the Reflecting Pool (Map 4A/Grid 1C)

Love, 1970, Robert Indiana - corner of West 55th St and 6th Avenue (Map 4B/Grid 3D)

Lions, 1911, Edward Clark Potter - On the New York Public Library steps, 5th Ave and 41st St. Nicknamed Patience" and "Fortitude." (Map 3B/Grid 3B)


Man and Dolphin Dance, 1987, Keith Haring - Carmine Street swimming pool mural - Clarkson and 7th Avenue South (Map 2A/Grid 1C)

Memorial to Victims of the Injustices of the Holocaust (1990) - Harriett Feigenbaum - New York Appellate Court Building, 27 Madison Avenue between E 25th and E 26th Sts. (Map 3B/Grid 3D)

Metronome, 1999, Kristen Jones and Andrew Ginzel - 58-60 East 14th St b/t Broadway and 4th Aven Union Square (Map 2A/Grid 2A)

Mohandas Gandhi, 1986, Kantilal B. Patel - Union Sq West and 15th St. (Map 2A/Grid 2A)

Mother Goose, 1938, Frederick George Richard Roth - Central Park/near East Drive at 72nd Street (Map 4B/Grid 3A)

Mural with Blue Brushstroke (1986), Roy Lichtenstein - AXA Equitable Center lobby, 787 7th Avenue b/t W 51st and W 52nd Sts.(Map 3A/Grid 2D)


National September 11 Memorial , 2011, Michael Arad (design) and Peter Walker + Partners (landscape) - 180 Greenwich St b/t Fulton St and Liberty St. (Map 1A/Grid 2B)

New York Vietnam Veterans Memorial, 1985, Peter Wormser and William Fellows - 55 Water St near Coenties Slip (Map 1B/Grid 3C)


OY/YO sculpture, 2015, Deborah Kass - Brooklyn Bridge Park, Dumbo (Map 6B/Brooklyn)


Parachute Jump (not in service), 1939, James H. Strong and Stanley Switlik - Coney Island (Map 6B/Brooklyn)

Peace Fountain, 1984-1985 Greg Wyatt - Next to the Cathedral of St John the Divine / Amsterdam Ave at West 111th St. (Map 5A/Grid 2B)

Pepsi-Cola Sign (1936) Artkraft Strauss Sign Corporation - Gantry Plaza State Park/Hunter's Point, Queens (NYC landmark since 2016) (Map 6B/Queens)

Peter Pan , 1928, Charles Andrew Hafner - Carl Schulz Park (East End Ave at 86th St.) (Map 5B/Grid 4D)
. . . . . . . . . .Originally created for the lobby of the Paramount Theater in Times Square.

Postcards (The Staten Island September 11 Memorial), 2004, Masayuki Sono - (St. George Esplanade near Hamilton Ave) (Map 6A/Grid Staten Island)

Prometheus (1934), Paul Manship - The Rink at 30 Rockefeller Plaza, 5th Ave b/t W 49th - W 50th (Map 3A/Grid 3A)



Ralph Kramden (Jackie Gleason), 2000, Lawrence J. Nowlan, Jr. - Port Authority Bus Terminal - South Building, 40th St. and 8th Ave. (Map 3A/Grid 2B)

The Real World 1992, Ted Otterness - River Terrace and Warren Street (Map 1A/Grid 1A)

The Red Cube, 1967, Isamu Noguchi - 140 Broadway at Liberty St. (Map 1A/Grid 2B)

Red 9,1972, Ivan Chermayeff - (Solow Building) 9 West 57th Street near Fifth Ave.(Map 4B/Grid 3d)

The Revelers (tile murals), 2008, Jane Dickson - Times Square Subway (42nd and 7th) (Note: there are many tile artworks on other Manhattan subway platforms) (Map 3A/Grid 2A)


The Seat, 1987, David Sauuders - Owen Dolan Park, Westcheser Square, Bronx (Map 6B/Bronx)

Sophie Irene Loeb Fountain (Mother Goose), 1936, Frederick George Richard Roth - Central Park/Levin Playground at 76th St. (Map 4B/Grid 3A)

Sphere Fritz Koenig - Mt. Sinai Hospital, 1184 Fifth Avenue at 100th St (view through fence) (Map 5B/Grid 3B)

Sphere for Plaza Fountain, 1968-1971, Fritz Koenig - Liberty Park (near West Street at Liberty St.) (Map 1A/Grid B2)

Statue of Liberty, 1886, Frederic Auguste Bartholdi (design) Gustave Eiffel (builder) - Liberty Island, New York Harbor (Map 1A/Grid 1D)

Statue of Shiunran Shonin (sculptor unknown)- 331 Riverside Drive b/t 105th -106th Street (Map 5A/Grid 1A)

Still Hunt, 1883, Edward Kemeys Central Park/East Drive at 76th Street (Map 4B/Grid 3A)

Subway Map Floating on a NY Sidewalk, 1985, Francoise Schein - 110 Greene St b/t Prince and Spring (Map 2A/Grid 2C)


Taxi!, 1983, J. Seward Johnson, Jr. - SE corner of Park Ave and E 48th St. (Map 3B/Grid 3A)

Teardrop park 1999-2006, Michael Van Valkenburg Associates - Warren St. and River Terrace (Map 1A/Grid 1A)

The Thinker (Le Penseur) modelled in 1880, Auguste Rodin - Columbia University/ Philosophy Building courtyard (near 117th and Amsterdam) (Map 5A/Grid 2A)

Time (1941) (ceiling Mural), Jose Maria Sert - Ceiling of Main Lobby, 30 Rockefeller Plaza, 5th Ave b/t W 49th & W 50th Sts. (Map 3A/Grid 3A)

Times Square (sound sculpture), 1977, Max Neuhaus - Vent Shaft on traffic island at Broadway/7th Ave/46th St. (Map 3A/Grid 2A)

Times Square Ball, 1907, orig. by Artkraft Strauss - atop One Times Square at 42nd Street and Broadway (Map 3A/Grid 2A)

Times Square Mural (1994), Roy Lichtenstein - Times Sq.-42nd St. Subway near Shuttle (Map 4A/Grid 2B)

The Triump of Music" (left) & The Sources of Music (right) (both 1966), 2 murals by Marc Chagall - Metropolitan Opera House (Lincoln Center)
Broadway at 63rd Street (Map 4A/Grid XX)

Two Sculptures by Keith Haring(Untitled) Two Dancing Figures (1989) and (Untitled) Figure Balancing on Dog (1986), Keith Haring - 17 State Street b/t Pearl St and Walker St. (Map 1A/Grid 2D)


The Unisphere, 1964, Gilmore D. Clarke - Flushing Meadows-Corona Park (Map 6B/Queens)

Untitled (Soho wall ), 1973, Forrest Myers - 599 Broadway at Houston St. (Map 2A/Grid 2C)

The Upper Room, 1984-1987, Ned Smyth - Battery Park City on Albany at the Esplanade (Map 1A/Grid 1C)


Vessel, 2018, Thomas Heatherwick - located in Hudson Yards at 10th Avenue and 33rd street next to the 34th Street-Hudson Yards Subway Station.


Wall Street Digital Clock, 1971, Rudolph de Harak - 200 Water Street at John Street (Map 1B/Grid 3B)

Whisper Gallery (1903) - Outside Oyster Bar, Grand Central Terminal, East 42nd St. and Park Avenue (Map 3B/Grid 3B)

Wonder Wheel Ferris Wheel, 1918-1920, Charles Herman - Coney Island (Map 6B/Brooklyn)





3-D Model of Old Nieuw Amsterdam - 1660 , Simon Verity and Martha Becker, 2011, Located in the park outside the Staten Island Ferry (Map 1A/Grid 2D)

42nd Street Ballroom, 1983, George Rhoads - Port Authority Bus Terminal, North Wing, 42nd and 8th Ave. (Map 3A/Grid 2B)
7000 Oaks (1982) - Joseph Beuys - West 22nd Street b/t 10th and 11th Avenues (Map 3A/Grid 1D)


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