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  The Allman Brothers - 5 More Popular Album Covers.

Here's the album cover An Evening with the Allman Brothers: First Set. It was recorded at the Orpheum Theater in Boston during 1991 and 1992 and released in 1992. (The second set was released in 1995).

Using Bing's Birds Eye View I found the alley in front of the theater where the picture was taken. It's called Hamilton Place. (When I was a kid, growing up in a Boston suburb, I used to buy camera equipment here. And, in back of it, on Washington Street, was a Barnes and Noble which was my first job after college.)

Google Street views lets you look right down Hamilton Place to the front of the Orpheum (1 Hamilton Place).

And here's the Popspot.

For many years the Allman's played for at least a week at the Beacon Theater at 2124 Broadway in New York's Upper West Side about a mile and a half north of Times Square.

This was the scene in 2013.

Here's the cover of The Allman Brothers Band - Play All Night; Live at the Beacon Theater 1992.

And here it is, PopSpotted.

Another Allman Brother's album with a cover from the Beacon is this one: The Allman Brothers: One Way Out." (2004)

In this case, the "one way out" is the backstage entrance to the theater on West 75th Street between Broadway and Amsterdam.

And here's that in a PopSpot version.

Win, Lose, or Draw was an earlier Allman Brother's album. Their 5th studio album, it came out in 1975. In this shot you can see the front and back album cover together.

The setting of the photo was inside a bar called Mulenbrinks Saloon which was a part of downtown Atlanta called "Underground Atlanta." (sorry, the picture is a little fuzzy)

In the 70's the town of Atlanta tried to turn a section of the city which seemed "underground" due to the number of elevated roadways built through it, into a tourist attraction. Here's an ad.

This was the outside of Munlenbrinks Saloon.

And here's an ad for it.

On the cover, in the background, there's a piano in front of a window.

The resident musician and house act was a barrelhouse piano bluesman named Piano Red, who played under the name Dr. Feelgood and the Interns from 1969 to 1979.

Here's Piano Red in a kind of reverse PopSpot. (I don't know how the Allman Brothers tie in with Muhlenbrinks; it could have just been a good stock photo of a bar where one might "Win, lose, or draw.".)

This next PopsPot is of one of Gregg Allman's solo albums: Low Country Blues from 2011.

The photo was taken at the Wormsloe (Mansion) State Historic Site in Savannah, Georgia. You can see the long driveway to the mansion under the "A" marker. from Google Maps. (Contrary to some belief, this was not where the "Run, Forrest, Run" scene from Forest Gump took place, which was actually 3547 Combahee Road near Yemassee, South Carolina.)

Here's the entrance that you can find at Google Street View.

Here's the long entrance to the mansion - so far away it's out of sight.

And here's the album in a PopSpot.

The last album we'll be looking at is a greatest hits collection: The Allman Brothers Band: Legendary Hits from 1995.

The cover was taken by Dave Gahr in Sarasota. I could not track down the exact banyan tree, unless I did by accident, but looks like this picturesque Sarasota specimine.

And together it looks like this. Thanks for stopping in. Y'all keep enjoyin' PopSpots - there's a lot more Allman Brothers locations on the site.