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  PopSpots at Les Rencontres d'Arles - Total Records - July - Sept. 2015

Four PopSpots searches were featured in an exhibit of record photography art at the annual 3-month photography festival in Arles, France, which receives over 90,000 visitors annually.

The PopSpots searches pictured above are the Door's MORRISON HOTEL, David Bowie's ZIGGY STARDUST, Billy Joel's 52ND STREET, and Pink Floyd's ANIMALS.

(photo: Marie Fotini)

(photo: Marie Fotini)

(photo: Marie Fotini)

(photo: Marie Fotini)

(photo: Marie Fotini)

(photo: Marie Fotini)

(photo: Marie Fotini)

This was the entrance to the TOTAL RECORDS Exhibit.

(photo: Marie Fotini)

This is the logo for this year's exhibitions.

Here's an explanation of the annual Arles photography festival from Wikipedia.

PopSpots was in a division of the fair this year called TOTAL RECORDS. 400 Records were on display.

This description of TOTAL RECORDS comes from (it's the only one I could find in English):

"Looking at an album cover, you can almost hear what you see."

"Total Records is a new exhibition at Les Rencontres d'Arles (Arles, France, until 20 September 2015 ). The exhibition looks at the history of photography through the prism of the vinyl record. Both media, which left their mark on the 20th century, were combined in all their forms, from artwork to illustration, figuration to experimentation. The show is based on this diversity of intentions and propositions."

"Some photographers built a style; others built icons. Labels built visual identities where photography mattered more than anything else. Every technique - from photojournalism to photomontage, photo booths, photos used for a purpose other than that for which they were intended, overexposed photos and photos within the photo - can be found in these 30x30-centimeter squares."

"Total Records is a must stop. Eclectic LPs covers from Grace Jones to the Beatles, from Kraftwerk to Yves Montand... will gently throw you into a world of art where photography meet music icons."

Here's where the Total Records exhibit was on display in Arles.

This is a photo of the interior of the RECONTRES guidebook, mentioning Total Records.

(photo:Marie Fotini)

If you can read French, here's some specifics about Total Records.

Here are some photos found on Wikipedia from the exhibit halls. . .

I later made a PopSpot of the Herbie Hancock album that was in the last picture. He's at 41st and Madison looking uptown.

The Arles photo festival takes place all over town. Here an event takes place in an ancient Roman amphitheater - the "Theater Antique."