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The Lake for Miniature Yachts (1888) by William Merritt Chase

The scene is of the Conservatory Water (i.e. Model Boat Pond) near 74th and Fifth Avenue in Central Park. The pictue is looking north, basically in front of the Hans Christian Andersen statue, as we can see the buildings along FIfth Ave in the background.

Map 1A+B FIDI - DOWNTOWN (as 2-page spread)



Map 2A+B The VILLAGES (as 2-page spread)



Map 3A+B MIDTOWN (as 2-page spread)



Map 4A+B PLAZA (as 2-page spread)



Map 5A+B UPPER WEST SIDE / EAST SIDE (as 2-page spread)



Map 6A+B The BOROUGHS (as 2-page spread)

Map 6A BOROUGHS - WEST (Staten Island)

Map 6B EAST BOROUGHS - EAST (Upper Manhattan, Bronx, Queens, Brooklyn)

Map 1 - The Financial District (Ferry to White Street)

- Richard Haas - The Peck Slip Arcade (1977) - (Mural on a Con Ed Building at the South Street Seaport) Location: 43 Peck Slip at Front Street
- Edward Moran - Unveiling the State of Liberty (1886)
The view from the Battery
- Frank Stella - The Brooklyn Bridge - Variation of An Old Theme (1939)
Stella did many variations of this.
- No artist named - "Future City Skyscraper" (circa 1915) - A postcard at the Metropolitan Museum of Art from the photographer Walker Evans collection.

Map 2 - The East and West Village Areas (White to 18th)

- Otto Boetticher - 7th Regiment on Review, Washington Square, New York (1851) The view is from the Northwest corner of Washington Square looking east.
- Stuart Davis - Jefferson Market, New York (1930) - The foreground would be about 6th Avenue and West 3rd Street.
- Marcel Duchamp - Where Marcel Duchamp created the dada work "Fountain" from a urinal in 1917: his studio at 33 West 67th St.
- Richard Estes - Jone's Diner (1979) - The diner was at the southeast corner of Great Jones Street and Lafayette Street.
- William Glackens - Washington Square Park (1908) - The Streetcar would be near Washington Square South at what is now LaGuardia Place.
- William Glackens - The Green Car (1910) - (Washington Square; painted from out his studio window on 63 Wash Sq South (demolished)
-Red Grooms - Chance Encounter at 3.A.M. (1984) (In the center of Washington Square Park; Garibaldi statue has been moved. The picture is about the first encounter between two famous artists, Mark Rothko (left) and Willem de Kooning (right).
- Keith Haring - Carmine Street Pool Mural (1987) 1 Clarkson St. b/t 7th Avenue South and Hudson St.
- Childe Hassam - Allies Day (XXX) - The view is up Fifth Ave at 23rd Street.
- - Childe Hassam - Spring Morning in the Heart of the City (1890) - The view is up Fifth Ave at 23rd Street.
- Childe Hassam - Washington Square, Spring (1893) - The view is from from what is now 2 Fifth Avenue between 8th St. and Washington Square North.
- Childe Hassam - Snowstorm in Madison Square (1890) - The view is from the southwest corner of Madison Square looking at the tower of Madison Squate Garden at Madison and 26th Street.
- Edward Hopper - Nighthawks (1942) - The most likely location is 70 Greenwich Avenue at 11th St.
- Edward Hopper - Early Sunday Morning (1930) - The west side of 7th Avenue between 15th and 16th Streets (note: Hopper reversed the ground shadows)
- Edward Hopper - From Williamsburg Bridge (1928) - (The back buildings are #202, #204, #206, and #208 Delancey Street, between Ridge Street and Pitt Street; since demolished.)
- Edward Hopper - Manhattan Bridge Loop (1928) (The center back is Bayard at Christie Street; the loop is the circular track the train takes to head back again)
- Edward Hopper - Drug Store (1927) - 184 Waverly Place (aka 154 West 10th Street) (thought to be the location because of the similar number to "184" in the sign).
- Edward Hopper's Apartment - 3 Washington Square North, 4th floor (top floor), between 5th Ave and University Place.
- Geoge Luks - Street Scene (Hester Street) (1905) - The perpendicular buildings at the end of street are likely on Centre St, so this is probably Hester at Mott St.
- George Luks - Bleecker and Carmine (1915) - The southeast corner of Bleecker St. and Carmine St. is probably the one depicted.
- George Luks - Allen Street (1905) - There were stairs like that at 94 Allen St. and also even now at 35 Allen St.
- John Sloan - Jefferson Market) (1917) - 6th Avenue and West 10th St.
- John Sloan - The City from Greenwich Village (1922) (The tall building to the right is 2 Cornelia St. at 6th Avenue)
- John Sloan - Lafayette at Night (1927) - Southeast corner University Place at 9th St.
- John Sloan - McSorley's Bar (1912) - McSorley's Old Ale House - 15 East 7th St. b/t 2nd and 3rd Aves.

Map 3 - Chelsea to Times Square (18th-50th Street)

- Child Hassam - The Fourth of July, 1916 (The Greatest Display of the American Flag Ever Seen in New York, Climax of the Preparedness Parade in May) (1916) - Most likely Fifth Ave between 23 and 57th St.
- Roy Lichtenstein Mural with Blue Brushstroke (1986) (AXA Center; 787 7th Avenue b/t 51st and 52nd
- Roy Lichtenstein Times Square Mural (1990-1994; installed 2002) - In the 42nd Street Subway Station; 42nd and 7th Ave.
- Piet Modrian - Broadway Boogie Woogie (1942-43) - (The painting resembles ariel view of grid system of streets around Times Square)
- Georgia O'Keefe- Radiator Building Night, New York (1927)
The American Radiator Building is located at 40 West 40th St between 5th and 6th Aves across from Bryant Park.

Map 4 Plaza, East and West (51st - 80th Street )

- William Merritt Chase - An Early Stroll in the Park (1890) (at Bethesda Fountain in Central Park at 72nd St.)
- William Merritt Chase - The Lake for Miniature Yachts (1888) At Conservatory Water (i.e. Model Boat Pond) near 74th and Fifth Ave.
- Richard Estes Bus Reflection (Ansonia) (1972) -The Embassy Hotel in the foreground was at 70th and Broadway.
- Childe Hassam - Central Park (1892)
At Conservatory Water (i.e. Model Boat Pond) near 74th and Fifth Ave.
- Childe Hassam - Allies Day (1917)
Looking up Fifth Avenue from the Northeast corner of Fifth and 52nd Street. At left is the University Club, the First Presbyterian Church, and the Gotham Hotel (5th/55th)
- Edward Hopper - Bridal Path (1939) - They are riding under Terrace Drive at the 42nd Street entrance to Central Park. The Dakota is in the background.
- Edward Hopper - Shakespeare at Dusk (1935) - The statue is in The Mall in Central Park at approximately 66th Street

Map 5 - Central Park East and Central Park West (80th - 112th)

- Keith Haring - Crack is Whack (1986) - The mural is at 2nd Ave and East 127th St. at FDR Drive, Harlem

Map 6 - The Boroughs


Naoufal "Rocko" Alaoui and Scott "Zimer" Zimmerman - Notorius B.I.G. (Christopher Wallace) Mural (2015) Located on the north side of 1091 Bedford Ave at Quincy Street, Bedford-Stuyvesant, Brooklyn.