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  John Cohen's books and films

For John Cohen fans, John has some new books coming out soon. This comes from my correspondence with John Cohen's photographic representative:

Dear Bob, You may be interested to know that John is working on a new book to be published by Steidl to come out next year. It's on Bob Dylan and other musicians of the period. Another Cohen book, The High and Lonesome Sound, also by Steidl, on Kentucky's people and music is due out this month.

Here's a description of The High and Lonesome Sound from the publisher's online catalogue.

And here's a description of Past Present Peru, also from Steidel's online catalogue.
(For the website, Google: Steidl Books)

...and a picture of the cover.

This Wikipedia entry also shows you the extensive filmmaking John has done. Selected titles are still available - check at Amazon/Movies under "John Cohen."

The following books are available from online book retailers:

YOUNG BOB: John Cohen's Early Photographs of Bob Dylan.


(That's a picture of Woody Guthrie on the front cover.)

To read more about John Cohen, click here to get to his website: "".