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 PopSpots recently went to an opening of newly released Bob Dylan and Woody Guthrie photographs by John Cohen at the L. Parker Stephenson Gallery in NYC. Three new Popspots from the Self Portrait sessions resulted and can be found in the middle of this entry, following some of the other newly-released John Cohen photos.

Photo by Ed Grazda

Announcement of Gallery Showing

The cover of the Boxed Set: Bob Dylan: Another Self Portrait 1969-1971. The deluxe version of the boxed set includes a book with over 60 of John Cohen's photographs of Bob Dylan taken in 1970.

Shown below are some newly released John Cohen photos of Bob Dylan. Many of these photo can be purchased by going to the gallery website link below - and clicking on "checklist" to see the list of photos available. I will also include several at the end of this entry.

The website is L Parker Stephenson - Photographs

The photos can also be purchased at either the New York City or Los Angeles MORRISON HOTEL GALLERY: New York City on 124 Prince Street or Los Angeles at the Sunset Marquis Hotel Lobby at 1200 Alta Loma Road, West Hollywood. (see:

Here are three new PopSpots based on two of the newly released photos and a photo seen earlier in the gatefold of the original release of Self Portrait..

PopSpots meets the Arturo's shot. (Taken at the northeast corner of Thompson Street and Houston Street, NYC.)

One of the photos in the box set booklet is this, which was inside the gatefold from the original release of Self Portrait (This shot is from an actual album interior.).

To find it online, go to Google Street Views and type in "9 Bryant Pond Road, Putnam Valley, New York."

Here's a close up of one of the two caution signs that flank the bridge. It's just a little different from the one Dylan was in front of in 1970.

Here's modern day view of the scene behind Dylan. The house to the left of the barn is now gone.

Here's a composite - the old and the new.

This is another newly released photo available at the gallery and also in the boxed set.

It's another view of Dylan on the bridge.

Thanks, John Cohen, for releasing all these new shots from your two unique photo sessions with Dylan those many years ago. It's a great view into the past.

Click to the PopSpots website to see PopSpots entries on John Cohen's film of Bob Dylan on his roof and John Cohen's photos of Bob on Bob's roof and Houston Street.

Here's a short video from about the origins of the Self Portrait boxed set, including many new photographs from John Cohen's 1970 photoshoots with Dylan along Houston Street in Greenwich Village and at John's farm in upstate New York.

The following photos are from the new L. Parker Stephenson catalogue. These and many more photos from the 1970 Cohen/Dylan sessions, which can be found in the boxed set booklet, are available. (These photo are from a scan of the catalogue.)

Here is John Cohen's rememberance of the 1970 photo sessions with Dylan.