ADDENDUMS TO - Gramercy Park Revisited: My Search for Bob Dylan Album Cover Locations in New York City

Jeff Thomas, a PopSpots reader (and a photographer), sent in several fantasic color images that he took in 1974 of what seems, at first glance, to be the "mask/novelty" store Dylan was squatting in front of during the Another Side of Bob Dylan photo session.

Here: take a look, you'll recognize similar lettering and humor in all the product tags and even the window frames look the same (there are air vents along the side below the glass panes, however, which there weren't in the Dylan picture):

photo (c) Jeff Thomas

photo (c) Jeff Thomas

photo (c) Jeff Thomas

photo (c) Jeff Thomas

This store, according to the sign, is called "Dolly's Accessory Shop" - TV Masquerade and Party Costumes."

Upon close inspection that we will get to, these photos are either the of same store that Dylan was in front of, but moved to a different location about 4 blocks away; or they are of another, second location of the same store. The shots were taken 10 years apart.

Dylan was photographed at the southwest corner of Broadway and 52nd Street in 1964. These pictures, from 1974, seem to be taken at the southwest corner of Seventh Avenue and 48th Street, just north of Times Square.

Here's how I came to that conclusion.

First, I "flipped" one the photos and saw the word "Howard" in large letters above the mannequins's heads.

photo (c) Jeff Thomas

Jeff had also sent along another photo that he took of Times Square (I think that same day) and in the background you can see a store called "Howard" just north of Times Square on 48th Street.

(Note: There's a stone cross on the island with a sculpture of a man in front of it -- that cross+man is still there, right in front of a series of huge red steps - the ones that Jay_Z and Beyonce are standing on as they sing "Empire State of Mind" in the video for that song)

photo (c) Jeff Thomas

I also discovered this old record cover on Google Images, which shows 2 neon signs reading "Howard" at either side of 48th Street - Broadway to the left and 7th Avenue to the right. (p.s. I walk by there on the way to the 50th/Broadway subway every night.) The Howard store is gone now.

I also later checked in an old phone book from the 1970's (on microfilm at the New York Public Library) and found that Howard Clothes was a large clothing store that stood at 1600 Broadway, which ran the length of the north side of 48th Street between Broadway and Seventh Avenue. Here's a picture of the building.

The other thing to notice in Jeff's picture of Dolly's is that in the back left, you can see the entrance to the Palace Theater which is right across from the TKTS booth (discount broadway show tickets) in Times Square at 47th Street. The TKTS booth is located under the "red steps" I mentioned earlier.).

The Palace Theater marquee says "Eddy Arnold" on it.

photo (c) Jeff Thomas

To illustrate the location of the Palace, I took a photo of the southwest corner of 48th and Seventh Avenue looking south toward 47th Street and Times Square. You can still still see the Palace sign, though almost completely obscured by billboads.

Here' a map showing the the relationship betwen Dolly's, Howard clothes, and the Palace Theater.

And here, just to referesh your memory from my Dylan entry, is Dylan crouching on 52nd Street in front of the "mask" window, with the sign for the Alvin Hotel reflected in the top right and the reflection of the old Colony Records sign - before it moved, in the top left.

The location of the Alvin Hotel and Colony Records can be seen on this map.

Jeff, thanks again or sending in in the photos. They really add to the Dylan story by bring those weird windows to life (though a few blocks and a decade away) and are a wonderful trip back down memory lane to the Times Square of another era.