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PopSpots is a website about those places where interesting events in the history of Pop Culture took place; primarily album cover shots, places where movies and tv shows were filmed, and sites on which paintings were based.

Many are from Manhattan, where I live. Manhattan is constantly being torn down and rebuilt anew, and I'm trying to find these places while they are still around.

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Bob Egan / Creator, researcher, web producer

Marie Fotini / Chief European Correspondent, researcher

The Wallflowers - 6th Avenue Heartache - 1996 (official video, dir. by David Fincher)

Locations with video time codes in minutes and seconds. Including photos of location where they crossed paths with places Bob Dylan lived/visited in the 60's. (researched by Egan/Fotini)
You can see the video on YouTube by clicking here.

(Screenshot from the video on YouTube)

ABOUT THE VIDEO (from Wikipedia) The video, shot in New York, was directed by movie director David Fincher, known for such films as Seven and Fight Club. . . .Jakob Dylan, the band's lead singer, wrote the song when he was 18 years old and considers it the first real song he had written. . . .The lyrics are based on Dylan's own experiences while living in New York City, in particular the story of a homeless man who would sit outside Dylan's window and play the same songs every day. One day, the man was gone, but his things were still there, until gradually people started taking them."

About the band from Wikipedia: "The band's lineup heading into the studio consisted of lead singer-songwriter/rhythm guitarist Jakob Dylan, bassist Greg Richling, keyboard player Rami Jaffee and lead guitarist Tobi Miller. Early in the sessions, however, Miller quit the band for undisclosed reasons, though he remained on good terms with the band. This left the band without a permanent lead guitarist or drummer. Those positions were temporarily filled by drummer Matt Chamberlain and a number of guitarists including Mike Campbell of Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers, Fred Tackett, Jay Joyce and Michael Ward, who would go on to become a permanent member of the group."

0:02) Opening image: Walking north across 34th Street at 5th Ave. The NYPL Science library is at right.

0:02) Walking north across 34th Street at 5th Ave.

0:02) Walking north across 34th Street at 5th Ave. The NYPL Science library is at right.

0:10) FIfth Avenue at 36th Street looking south.

0:10) Same location: FIfth Avenue at 36th Street looking south.

0:13) Looking west down 39th Street from Fifth Ave. Lord and Taylor on right.

0:15) Southeast corner of 14th Street at 6th Avenue - Jefferson Market Library clocktower in background.

0:15) Same location: Southeast corner of 14th Street at 6th Avenue - Jefferson Market Library clocktower in background.

0:20) 58 West 14th St. just east of 6th Ave.

0:22) 14th Street and 6th Avenue looking south.

0:22) Same location: 14th Street and 6th Avenue looking south.

0:24) 281 FIfth Avenue at 30th Street, East Side, South Corner. The little 3-story building this was in has been demolished. You can see it on Google Street View if you look at their "back in time" view in the top left corner (see next photo).

0:24) The diner was on the ground floor of this three-story corner building. . . .281 FIfth at 30th Street, East Side, South Corner. The little 3-story building this was in has been demolished.

0:24) In this shot, you can see how the building in the background at the northwest corner of 30th and Fifth Ave, matches up with the view outside the coffeee shop behind the band.

0:29) This is the same diner at 282 FIfth at 30th. From the sign we see it's called "Rama's."

0:29) Here's that photo shown in reverse so you can see "Rama's" more easily.

0:52) Bryant Park (42nd and Sixth Ave.) from 42nd Street.

0:52) Bryant Park, Winter 2014. : Basically the same viewpoint as the last photo.

0:52) In Bryant Park (42nd and Sixth Ave.) with the library behind them.

0:52) Here's the spot: Bryant Park (42nd and Sixth Ave.) from 42nd Street.

0:53) Bryant Park from 42nd Street. Radiator Building on 41st in back left.

0:56) Bryant Park. North Side. New York Public Library in back.

0:59) Clipped note that reads Donn 1/4". Mystery message? Easter Egg?

1:00) The Wisteria Pergola at the Central Park Conservatory Garden. Fifth Avenue and 105th Street. A building from Mt. Sanai hospital can be seen on the right.

1:00) Here's a PopSpot of The Wallflowers at the The Wisteria Pergola at the Central Park Conservatory Garden. Fifth Avenue and 105th Street.

1:05) The band is standing on the sidewalk just outside the wall of Central Park along FIfth Avenue, between 75th and 76th Street in the Upper East Side of Manhattan.

1:05) Here's the same picture in front of the real location today. To the right of the tree in their photo, you can see the exact same tree 24 years later. It has the same random growth bumps, known as "burls," on both sides as it had in the past.

1:05) Just for fun, in this I isolated the group on the sidewalk.

1:05) Coincidentally, I did an earlier PopSpot of a Judy Collins album taken 20 feet away at the next tree up the block, also at 75th Street and FIfth Avenue. The photo was taken in 1977 by Richard Avedon whose studio was a few block east on 75th Street.

Several years earlier, on February 10, 1965, Richard Avedon photographed a young Bob Dylan just six blocks down FIfth Ave at 69th Street.

1:07) The Central Park Reservoir fence at about 77th and Fifth Ave. The San Remo apartment towers are in back across the park at 74th and Central Park West.

1:09) The band on a bench next to the wall around Central Park. They are probably on the bench across from 930 FIfth Ave between 74th and 75th Street. The north end of the Conservatory Water "sailboat pond" is behind them in the park.

1:09) Here's a composite shot from the last shot and Google Street VIews - across from 930 FIfth between 74th and 75th Street.

1:12) Here's another angle of the band on the bench along Fifth Avenue neat 74th Street.

1:14) 187 Franklin Street in Tribeca.

1:20) Closer on 187 Franklin Street in Tribaca.

1:20) The band in front of 187 Franklin Street in Tribaca. Background photo circa 2010.

1:20) 187 Franklin Street today has one of the wierdest front of a townhouse in Manhattan - build supposedly so neighbors could not see directly into the windows.

1:28) Unidentified bathroom.

1:34) Close up of the book The Plague by Albert Camus.

1:34) The book itself.

1:39) The group is walking north across 43rd street at about 25 West 43rd Street which is between 5th and 6th Avenues. A long telephoto lens was used. The building with all the windows in the distance behind them is Grande Cenral Terminal about 3 blocks away.

1:39) 43rd between Fifth and Sixth, looking east.

1:44) 48th Street just east of 7th Avenue near Times Square, looking west, on what was then "Music Row" - a block filled with stores that sold every kind of musical instrument and famous with generations of rock stars. Sam Ash and Manny's were among the best known stores.

1:44) This shows the Popeye's Fried Chicken sign on 7th Ave and 48th Street behind Jakob Dylan.

1:45) Jakob Dylan in front of 170 West 48th Street on what was called Music Row, just off Times Square, a street lined with musical instrument stores the most famous being Manny's Music and Sam Ash Music. Jacob is in front of a store called 48th Street Guitars. The awning behind him would reads "8.W." which is part of "168 W(est) 48th"

1:45) 48th Street Guitars

1:46) The band in front of 48th Street Guitars at 170 West 48th Street, just west of 7th Ave.

1:48) In the guitar store. Probably 48th Street Guitars.

Manny's Music was perhaps the most famous of the music stores on West 48th. Many musicians, while trying guitars out, would sign photos for the wall. Here's a photo Bob Dylan signed for Manny's.

1:52) Jakob Dylan in an alcove in front of a doorway. Location unknown.

1:54) They are in front of 48th Street Guitars. 170 West 48th Street. You can see the number 174 on the doorway of 174 West 48th Street in back of them.

1:55) Probably inside of 48th Street Guitars.

1:58) WIder shot of the unknown alcove.

2:01) They are in front of 48th St. Guitars. You can see the "S" from the awning for "Sam Ash Music" in back of them. You can also see the sign for 168 West (48th) Street on the awning behind them, to the right of Jakob Dylan's head.

2:01) Jakob Dylan is in front of 48th Street Guitsrs. Behind him, you can see the old square sign for Popeye's Fried Chicken at the northwest corner of 48th and 7th Avenue, about 10 feet above the sidewalk. The building has been replaced.

2:03) They are in a corridor inside the Chelsea Hotel on 204 West 23rd Street between Seventh and Eighth Avenues. Bob Dylan lived in the hotel during 1965 - 1966. In the song "Sara" he writes: "I stayed up for days in the Chelsea Hotel/ Writing Sad-Eyed Lady of the Lowlands for You."

2:03) A corridor and stairwell inside the Chelsea Hotel. (photo by Emmanuel Dunand/Getty)

2:07) Greg RIchling is on a 6th floor balcony on the west side of the Chelsea Hotel.

2:07) Here's that shot superimposed over the hotel today.

2:07) Here's what the whole Chelsea Hotel looks like, in a photo from Wikipedia.

The Chelsea plays a big role in New York rock and roll history. The following is from Wikipedia:

"The list of famous musicians who have stayed here since the 60's is practically endless: Chet Baker, The Grateful Dead, Nico, Tom Waits, Patti Smith, Jim Morrison, Iggy Pop, Virgil Thomson, Jeff Beck, Bob Dylan, Chick Corea, Alexander Frey, Dee Dee Ramone, Alice Cooper, Edith Piaf, Johnny Thunders, Mink DeVille, Alejandro Escovedo, Marianne Faithfull, Cher, John Cale, Joni Mitchell[, Robbie Robertson, Bette Midler, Pink Floyd, Jimi Hendrix, Canned Heat, J.D. Stooks, Jacques Labouchere, Sid Vicious, Richard Barone, Lance Loud and Rufus Wainwright."

"Madonna lived at the Chelsea in the early 1980s, returning in 1992 to shoot photographs for her book, Sex, in room 822. Leonard Cohen, who lived in room 424, and Janis Joplin, in room 411, had an affair there in 1968, and Cohen later wrote two songs about it, "Chelsea Hotel" and "Chelsea Hotel #2". Jobriath spent his last years in the pyramid-topped apartment on the Chelsea's rooftop where he died of complications due to AIDS in August 1983. Nancy Spungen, girlfriend of Sid Vicious of the Sex Pistols, was found stabbed to death in the hotel on October 12, 1978 The Kills wrote much of their album No Wow at the Chelsea presumably between the years 2003 to 2005."

2:09) Greg and Mario are on a balcony on the Chelsea Hotel overlooking 23rd Street between 7th and 8th Avenues. They are probably the 6th floor west.

2:10) Michael and Rami are on a balcony on the Chelsea Hotel overlooking 23rd Street between 7th and 8th Avenues. They are probably the 6th floor west

Dee Dee Ramone on the same balcony. (photo by Keith Green, 1993)

Patti Smith and folksinger/poet Eric Andersen on a balcony one floor below. (photo by Norma Dess).

2:11) Michael in a room in the Chelsea Hotel.

2:14) In a room in the Chelsea Hotel.

2:14) To show you how little had changed in some of the Chelsea Hotel rooms, here's Arthur Miller (center, who was later married to Marilyn Monroe) and Elia Kazan (right) working on the production of the play After the Fall in a Chelsea Room in 1963. Some tenants lived in the Chelsea year round and their rooms were much more elaborate, and some larger..

2:21) Another inside the Chelsea Hotel.

2:22) In a Chelsea Hotel room.

2:23) Another in the Chelsea Hotel.

2:24) Mario kicks back in the the kitchen area of a Chelsea Hotel room.

2:25) Looking out the room window.

2:25) This room was supposedly Bob Dylan's room, Room 211, on the second floor, around 1966. (This photo was taken years later, so the inside would have looked differently when Dylan lived there.) Dylan also supposedly lived for a time in rooms 215, and 225 also.

2:25) The hotel is undergoing a multi-years long renovation. This photo was suppsedly taken of Bob Dylan's room, #211, at the beginning of the renovation.

2:28) A corridor in the Chelsea Hotel.

2:28) A corridor in the Chelsea Hotel.

2:31) A corridor in the Chelsea Hotel.

2:32) Back on Michael playing his guitar in Chelsea Hotel room.

2:33) Three woman in religious garb walking south on the eastern side of Fifth Avenue just south of 30th Street where the coffee shop the guys were eating in earlier (Rama's) was.

2:34) In the next frame of the film you can better see the building in red two blocks down at 28th Street and FIfth and in the far distance, The Toy Building at 23rd and Fifth in yellow. Toy manufacturers show off their new items there once a year in a big convention.

2:34) Here's where the women were in relation to Ramas, at the corner of 30th and FIfth. Maybe the camera man shooting the band saw the three women through the window and ran out and took the shot. Or are they the "Three Marlenas" - from one of the band's songs.

2:36) Jacob Dylan in close up (on a street to be determined).

2:40) A taxicab, probably on FIfth Avenue near the library, since future shots have the taxt driving south by 40th Street.

2:43) Jacob Dylan in a taxi. . .

. . .which conjures up images of Bob Dylan in a limo while in England during his 1966 World Tour. . .(photo by Barry Feinstein)

. . . or the artist Guy Peellaert's painting of Dyaln on Park Avenue in New York from Peellaert's classic book of rock fantasy paintings Rock Dreams..

2:47) Another view from the taxi.

2:47) That last shot is actually the northeast corner of 7th Avenue and 36th Street, which is actually out of order for this sequence, but it seems to fit in..

2:49) FIfth and 39th looking west. (black flag on left matches in next shot)

2:50) FIfth and 39th looking west. Lord and Taylor on the left.

2:50) We see the bottom edge of Lord and Taylor and the Lord & Taylor logo.. This is 38th Street and FIfth looking west.

Here's a better view of the Lord & Taylor logo.. This is 38th Street and FIfth lookiing west.

Here's Bob Dylan during a photoshoot in front of Lord & Taylor in a photo by Daniel Kramer. Dylan is with Peter Yarrow (of Peter, Paul, and Mary) and John Hammond, Jr. (a blues player who signed Dylan to Columbia Records.)

. . .and another shot from that photoshoot with the three standing in front of Lord & Talor on FIfth..

. . .and one last shot from that photoshoot. This picture of Dylan, Peter Yarrow, and the policemen was on the back cover of BRINGING IT ALL BACK HOME. In it, they are standing in a storefront just to the right of Lord & Taylor, basically 20 feet across the sidewalk from where they are hailng the cab in the last shot.

2:59) Members of the band cross FIfth Ave at 37th Street going west.

2:59) Here's that shot superimposed over the same location on modern day FIfth Avenue.

3:00) Unknown location. The sign read "84- 910." To the left it reads something like "The New Briarton" (which is a hotel at 322 West 84th but no match).

3:00) Looking west from FIfth down 46th Street. The large arches at left match modern day arches. A sign on the right reads "ELI- Bet." That, according to Google, was a wholesale women's clothing store at 49 West 36th Street that is now closed.

Modern day 36th Street from Fifth. Notice the same arches at left from the last photo (circled in red).

3:01 ) FIfth Avenue and 40th Street looking east from the west side of the street, next to the New York Public Library.

3:01) Shadows on a sidewalk.

3:01) I think this is a parking lot thatwas located just west of FIfth Avenue on 40th Street, across from the library. Now the Park Terrace Hotel.

3:02) A staircase in the Chelsea Hotel.

3:02) Another view of a staircase in the Chelsea Hotel.

3:03) The band in an elevator. Probably in the Chelsea Hotel.

3:04) A corridor in the Chelsea Hotel.

3:06) An indoor parking lot.

3:07) The band descends some stairs. What seems like a stained glass window is on the upper landing.

3:08) The band in a rehersal /recording studio.

3:10) Another part of the rehersal studio.

3:12) The view from the control room.

3:13) Back in the rehersal studio.

3:39) On an escalator, possibly in the 34th Street subway station.

3:39) On a platform in the 34th Street Subway station at Penn Station (could be 7th or 8th Avenue).

3:40) An exit from the subway station - leading to the 1st level. They must have been 2 levels down.

3:40) This look like an exit to the street from the subway station.

3:41) Michael Ward back in a subway car.

3:44) Michael flashes a sign of perhaps being filmed too much in one day. In the subway.

3:46) Jakob greets a fellow subway rider.

3:48) Jakob back at the 34th Street/Penn Station subway platform.

Another view of the 34th Street/Penn Station subway platform.

3:50) The group waiting for another the subway car to slow down so they can get in.

3:51) Two members go through the turnstiles toward an exit.

3:53 ) A shot of Century Pawnbrokers (i.e. temporary loans), which at that time was at 725 8th Ave between 45th-46th on the west side, which is a block west of northern Times Square. The three brass spheres grouped together is a universal symbol for pawn shop.

The Century Loan store is presently the DVD Depot.

3:53) A parking garage. Location unknown.

3:53) A deli. Location unknown.

3:54) (below) A donut store at the southeast corner of 8th avenue at 23rd Street, specifically 254 EIghth Avenue. (At one time is was called SGS Donuts. In 1972 it was was Uncle Christos Donut Shop) The store to the back back right is called the Regal Restaurant. That was at 250 Eighth Avenue, next door down EIghth Ave.. The donut store is now a restaurant called FLE-FLE.

Here's the restaurant that has taken the place of the Donut Shop. It's called FLE FLE at the southeast corner of 23rd and EIghth Avenue, just 1/2 block down 23rd street from the Chelsea Hotel.

Here's a composite shot of the band in the new restaurant.

3:57) The donut store again. You can read the reflection of a sign for "Woolworths" across the street. There used to be a Woolworths on the northest corner of 23rd and Eighth Avenue.

4:01) The band is walking along 42nd Street. We can read the sign for the Harris Theater behind them. It was located at 226 West 42nd Street between 7th and 8th Avenues. It was demolished in 1997 and replaced by Madame Tussaud's Wax Museum.

4:01) A photo of the sign for the Harris Theater. It was located at 226 West 42nd Street between 7th and 8th Avenues. It was demolished in 1997 and replaced by Madame Tussaud's Wax Museum.

4:01) The band sitting in the center of Times Square. They are sitting on a concrete wall on 44th Street where Broadway and 7th Avenue almost come together.

4:02) Close up on Jakob Dylan sitting in the same location. The sign that is a star and a circle to his right is for the Official All-Star Cafe (in the Planet Hollywood space) at 1540 Broadway at 45th street.

Here's a photo of the All-Star Cafe sign.

4:03) The bands legs in shadow as they walk together.

4:04) The band, probably along 42nd Street under a marquee

4:05) The band walking under a marquee, probably on 42nd Street.

4:06) The Band in the center of Times Square at 44th Street. The shot is looking north.

They are almost in the same place that the photo on Bob Dylan's bestselling book "Chronicles Volume One was taken. That photo was taken by Don Hunstein in 1961.

4:06) A bus traveling south on 7th Avenue passes them.

4:09) Swirling light effect with the band.

4:12) A close up.

4:13) A little further back. We can see the large Coke Bottle sign in the background in the distance at the north end of Times Square..

Here's a more modern view of the Coke sign behind them which would be on the building at 47th Street and 7th Avenue, west side..

4:20) The final image.

Remember, if you're planning to visit New York City, Bob book lists over 2,000 Pop Culture spots to check out.